Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Our Diet Day 1

So my husband and I have decided that we need to lose a little weight. Ha ha-who am I kidding we need to lose A LOT of weight. Well between the two us we are looking at a combined weight loss of 108 pounds. That's our goal anyways.

So today is day 1. We started off by weighing ourselves. I dreaded looking down at the scale. But I managed to suck it up and see the number that I had dreaded so badly. We have everything wrote down and so now our diet begins. I ate a strawberry cereal bar with a glass of orange juice. I have to say I am somewhat hungry but not enough to venture back into the kitchen for more food.

Now we just need to plan an exercise routine and put it into play. This is gonna be fun! *sarcasm*

Monday, May 31, 2010

Is it wrong?

Is it wrong to hear God and follow what he says but hate having to do it? Maybe hate is too strong of a word but you know what I mean. I bought the boat because I really really wanted one. But if it were Gods will for me to have it something would go right and so far that has not happened. So because of this and finances I decided to sell it but I'm not really wanting to. I don't know if it's just the want of owning a boat or what but I am doing it because financially I don't think we were ready and I think that is what God is trying to tell me.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Feeling Defeated

So I finally talked my dad into taking a look at the boat and helping me figure some things out that I was just not familiar with. We met at Payne Campground and put the boat on the water. As usual the darn thing gave me some problems cranking up but my dad managed to get her started. I knew I had to be doing something wrong. Well my dad put it in reverse and we soon realized reverse doesn't work. Yeah another setback. HOWEVER, when he put it in forward it does GO and boy did it take off. I have to admit I laughed a little cause I think it took my dad by surprise and his facial expression was priceless.
My dad pulled it over by the dock and we all loaded in. We weren't to worried about reverse because I could just put it back in the shop and have him fix whatever he didn't the first time. Well as soon as he pulled over to the dock the motor cut off. Blasted boat! The darn thing waits until we all get on to cause me problems.
Well after awhile of playing with it and watching people look at us while we try to figure this STUBBORN boat out my dad was ready to pull it out of the lake. I have to admit I don't let things defeat me often but I am feeling very defeated. I came home and listed the boat on craigslist. This is a GREAT boat for someone who can put a little bit more money than I have into the motor. The guy who worked on it said the motor alone was worth $1800-2000. I hope someone is able to take it off my hands soon.
Looks like my summer project is ending a little earlier than expected. I'm a little upset by this because I can't seem to remember one time that I have ever let anything defeat me. If I have not been able to get something or do something I always find a way to get it done. I guess this is God's way of telling me that material things are not important and I just wasn't mean to spend my life savings at this time.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

My boat

About a month ago now, my family and I went camping with some of our friends. We camped on an island off Allatoona which was only accessible by boat. My friends own a sailboat. The plan was to get out to the island, set everything up and enjoy the next day sailing around the lake. Oh how I hate when plans never work out. My friends were going to take their daughter and another couple we camped with first and my husband and I would go when they returned. Not even 30 minutes later they came back with a broken mast. Isn't that a bummer.

Well my husband and I decided to rent a pontoon. And so the boat bug began. As soon as we got on we were in a completely different world. A water world! I just have to say how much we both fell in love with water world. I called my dad when we returned home and he started telling me about a boat and trailer that was for sale for $300.00. The first thought that came to mind was "What's wrong with it?" Then he told me. It has no motor. I told him that I could buy a boat with a motor cheaper than I could buy a motor by itself. So I decided to check some boats out on craigslist and found an 85 Checkmate Ski boat for $1500.00 with a 115hp Johnson motor. I fell in love called the guy and talked him down to $1000.00. I was sold. Why are pictures so deceiving!!!

I drove to Lagrange Ga from Cartersville, which is not a short drive by the way. When we got there it was nothing like I thought. But, I bought the thing anyway thinking it would be a great little project for me this summer.

And so my story begins here. I got it home and the next weekend we were going to go camp again and this time I was bringing my new boat. We got to the lake, got it on the water, cranked her up and couldn't go anywhere. My engine was revving up but I wasn't budging. The exhaust managed to push me around a little bit but that was all she wrote. A friend of mine jumped on and managed to get it in gear. I was relieved. He said it just needed to get the kinks worked out since it hadn't been ran in awhile. He got me to the dock and my husband jumped on and off we went. So I thought. It happened again! The darn thing wouldn't go. My engine was revving up but I couldn't go anywhere. I was livid. "What have I got myself into?" The next day I was able to get ahold of a mechanic who told me that it sounded like I spun a hub. So I took it to him to repair. Hundreds of dollars later I have a new hub, repaired propeller, new fuel pump, repaired cables and a running engine.

Went camping AGAIN and got my boat on the water. Let me just say if it wasn't for bad luck I would have no luck at ALL. Got the darn thing on the water and guess what wouldn't crank. Yeah that's right my boat. I did manage to get it cranked once which was a relief until I put it neutral and the darn thing died and wouldn't crank again. I know it has to be me doing something wrong.

So tomorrow I try again with a little help of someone who knows what the heck they are doing. I still have lots of work to do and will post my progress as I go. If your interested follow me on my quest to restore the most stubborn boat EVER!